Osborn Brothers

     In 1947 the late J. D. Osborn and his sons, Jack and    J. C., began the business in Attalla as the Osborn Produce Company.

     In 1952, Jack and his three brothers, J. C., Joel, and John, bought out the firm and changed the name to Osborn Bros., Inc.

     October, 1955, the four brothers purchased one of the top produce firms in Alabama, and in October, 1957 the four Osborn boys decided to form their own Refrigerated-Truck line to haul food products from such locations as California, Florida, and other states where produce was bought for distribution in this area.

     Later the Osborn Brothers sold their Refrigerated Truck lines to devote full time to their Wholesale Produce, frozen and canned foods for this area. At the present time they have forty-five employees and are serving a radius of 165 miles around Gadsden.


     The Four Osborn Brothers of Osborn Bros., Inc., are proud of their part in the growth of Etowah County during the past twenty-one years and look forward to being of even greater service to our many fine customers throughout Alabama.

At Osborn our most critical task is finding what is most important to you and turning it into a reality. We are dedicated to efficiently empowering independent operators through distributing quality products, competitive pricing, and excellent customer service.  Let us show you the Osborn way.

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